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During my 17-month board membership I led a complete re-branding effort of this local non-profit dedicated to the preservation and improvement of White Rock Lake in Dallas, Texas.


THE CHALLENGE: How to raise the level of well-respected but small grass-roots organization and position it for a future of growth.


The group had a small, loyal following but was virtually unknown to the vast amount of young people now flocking to live and play in the lake area. FTLOTL had also raised small amounts of funds from area local businesses, but needed to build a more professional brand to attract larger corporate donors

THE IMPLEMENTATION: Multiple facets of the brand were analyzed and retooled.

• Produced a Brand Brief as our overall guide to re-branding.

• Created and recruited a new board position as Volunteer Director to improve volunteer experience, and court corporate donors through their employee volunteer programs.

• Redesigned the logo be an updated, “2.0” version of the original – especially relevant, since it was the organizations 20th anniversary.

• Created business cards and signature polo shirts for board members, to help them communicate more professionally and be easily identified at events.

• Created window signage, a rack card, banners, volunteer tees and other collateral to present a fresh, unified look and feel to all brand touch points.

• Made social media a higher priority by posting regularly on Facebook and launching a small Twitter presence.

• Revamped the current mascot (a large, driveable duck that appeared in parades) by repainting and putting the logo, website and Twitter handle on his side.

• Planned, raised funds for and oversaw all logistics for a 20th anniversary festival.


For the Love of the Lake


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